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I gave a marvelous birthday this summer with gypsy music and Dance!  The band "The primas Tocila" from Csavas, in Transylvania, Romania, brought everybody in the right gypsy mood during this hot summer afternoon. Just now I returned from a great three weeks stay at the Edinburgh Fringe Theatre Festival, with my man Philip.


Gypsi birthdayparty xie 2019


January 2016, shortly before Valentines day, Xaviera will be launching her brand new illustrated Sex guide in Dutch, called Xaviera's Super Sex for the young inexperienced lovers, who want to learn to refine their lovemaking and the more experienced lovers who want to pep up their sex life. A fantastic guide for fabulous lovemaking! A perfect Valentine's day gift !

This book  together with her brand new reissue of the famous  Happy Hooker book she wrote back in  1971  will give  the new generation a chance to find out who this mysterious woman  Xaviera  Hollander is. The  sexual revolutionary,  who became famous  with  her first book  full of explicit though never  vulgar descriptons people in those days did not dare to write about or sometimes even speak of.  She was  the reigning Madame of a florishing brothel in mid town  Manhattan where, for  two years,  she  experienced all sorts of exciting , sexy but also dangerous  things, enough to write this adventurous book  about. This original Happy Hooker became  an instant overnight bestseller and sold  millions before she was forced to leave the USA. 

 She wrote  more than a dirty dozen other books about her  adventurous life  that have been translated into  14 languages. 

Twenty-five   years later  in the late nineties.,  people  would  hear of her  and  some said:" I found your book  in my parents  bedside table. "

Then another  twenty years later  other young people would write:" When my grand parents had died  and my parents sold their house we found your book the Happy Hooker  in the attic in an old  suitcase"  In other words Xaviera, now herself in her early seventies, (still  very busy  and creative ) who had meanwhile sold millions of books  over the years,  decided to reissue  both the Happy Hooker as well as translate her Supersex book into Dutch , which she also had written  about 40 years  ago.    So together  these two books will be a great asset to  anyones library who is  a free thinker in the field of sex.

The  Supersex book  is  a terrific guide to sex and a kind of encyclopedia  that could  easily be  placed as a coffee table item in the living room.

For over 36 years Xaviera has been a sexual advisor for Penthouse Magazine in the  USA  in  her monthly  column CALL ME MADAM , so  who better than this  world famous Penologist should  know  how to advise people with sexual problems. What makes these books so much  fun to read is that the stories  are real and  naughty but never  vulgar and most of all this woman has a great sense of humor!

For those who  decide to spend some  time in Amsterdam please do look  her  and her sweet husband Philip up in her elegant bohemian style Bed and Breakfast  Xaviera's Happy House in Amsterdam's gold coast at the Stadionweg 17 .

Xaviera's Happy House B&B



Sleeps 2 to 3 people - a spacious room, artistically decorated with king size bed, round table and four chairs, refrigerator, terrace, radio and TV as well as Wi-Fi. Coffee and tea maker in room as well as hairdryer. Private bathroom and toilet.

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Happy House B&B Amsterdam

Happy House B&B Amsterdam

Xaviera’s Happy House is the ideal bohemian place to stay at in Amsterdam for a few days, no matter why you come here: for a naughty romantic weekend, a congress at the Rai or simply as a tourist with wife and or kids. When looking for the perfect...

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Stadionweg 17, Amsterdam, Noord Holland - 1077RV, The Netherlands